Paul's Revision 3 Turbo

I'd just like to show my appreciation for YVS Performance (Website)

They took on my car in pieces and I mean in pieces. A previous garage had over quoted me by about £3000 to repair and rebuild my engine, but to quote me they had to take it to peices. When I told the expensive garage it was too much I got my engine back in loads of little boxes!!

I was given Simons number @ YVS and he took it on and gave me a very good price for putting it back together. Which they did in good time as well.

The quality of work is immaculate and Simon kept me informed along the way but most of all he gave me his (very honest) opinion on my options. I had supplied the XSPower turbo kit. Crap is what he called it... he wasn't wrong.

Simon loves project cars and is full of enthusiam and will readily give you his ideas and take onboard your ideas and aims.

I am very happy with YVS, they get the work done when they say they will and always keep to their quote and if they had trouble with something which might cost more they always called before carrying on.

It's taken me ages to find a garage that I can trust, along the way I have found some real monkeys.

They are based in Yorkshire @ Sherburn in Elmet (nr. Airfield)

Thanks Simon & Roger!

Spec of work done

Engine was originally killed by turbo exhaust falling to peices and going back into the cylinders killing 3 of them.

Rebored Engine
Oversized JE Pistons
Eagle Connecting Rods
ARP bolts and studs allround
Reconditioned Head
New pumps and pullies
255lbs Fuel Pump
Sard 800cc injectors
Lightend Flywheel
Unknown 6paddle clutch
Aquamist WI
XS Power Intercooler
XS Power T3/4 .60 trim turbo
XS Power Wastegate and Downpipe
Modified standard manifold to have a T3 plate instead of CT2x
Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust
Apexi Power FC
EBC Rotars and Red pads
Goodrich Braided Hoses.

I think thats it and YVS did it all professionally, quickly and at a really good price