Mark's 1994 Revision 3 Turbo Purchased in 1999

Ross forged pistons and rings (86.00mm)
ARP hardware
HKS 264 cams and pulleys
HKS 3037s turbo on HKS top mount manifold
HKS 50mm waste gate
Power enterprise 800cc injectors
Apexi Power FC ECU (currently upgrading to Motec M4)
Boot mounted inter cooler

Chassis Spec
Koni suspension, Tein top mounts
TRD anti-roll bars
Hight and tight Bushes

Ultalite Wheels
Bomex,TOMS aero parts.

The car has been a work in progress since I purchased it but in the six years of ownership I've struggled to fine anyone that could give me good knowledge on the MR2 platform, let alone actually work on the car.

In June of 2005 I decided that cams would be my next purchase. It was then that I got in touch with Simon and Roger through a friend of theirs. I was able to watch them work on the car to fit the cams and was very impressed with the quality of their workmanship and the vast knowledge they both had on the MR2 and the 3S GTE engine.

Since then any mechanical work that has needed doing has been undertaken by them. To date I've had the engine rebuilt by them and the new turbo kit installed - this has run faultlessly for 9 months now.

Most recently I've decided to change the ECU to a Motec system. The Power Fc, although a good ECU, just simply lacks the support I need and after spending more than a Motec costs just on mapping the thing I've taken Simon's advice and made the change. Hopefully I should have the results in a few months time!