Chris's 1993 Revision 3 Turbo Purchased in 2006
(and 1995 Rev 3 n/a)

I had spent forever trying to find someone to fix an engine fault on my n/a mk2 MR2 and after driving around various garages and ringing various people, I was finally advised to give Simon a ring.

Simon was on holiday at the time, but had a quick chat and agreed to meet me after work (for both of us) to have a quick look.

After checking various parts, he decided it was a mapping sensor problem and pulled the mapping sensor off his own car to try out on mine while I was standing there. This helped, but didn't solve the problem, but amazed with the time and interest he put into my car in his own time, I agreed to book the car in properly and have some more in depth diagnosis done. I also happened to mention that I was in the market for more power - and a turbo was on the shopping list.

The car was booked in and the problem diagnosed - but also, Simon had sourced a Mk2 Rev 3 Turbo for me. We arranged a look at the car... then a drive... and that was it. The car was bought.

Simon and Roger sorted some work which needed doing to the turbo, such as replacement shocks, exhaust, engine service etc - enough to make me comfortable I had a good car beneath me. It hasn't missed a beat. I'm now in talks with them for preparing it for serious track use and also thinking about MOTEC ECU upgrades, which I have seen put to good use on Simon's own car.

I have no reservations at all in recommending YVS to any one who is looking for advice and work on their performance cars.